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About us

About us

About us

Who we are

We were founded in 1965 as a Zimbabwean farming operation.

Today we are the leading producer, distributor and exporter of bananas in Zimbabwe with over 50-years’ experience in growing, distributing and exporting fruit and flowers from our own Zimbabwean and regional operations as well as those of independent growers that supply our distribution network.

We are currently working on over 600ha in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe with meaningful development and expansion in progress in our banana, flower, and avocado operations.

Product Range






Business Goal

Our goal is to build our business into a leading fruit and flower industry platform by building out our various product lines, distribution, and grower partnerships.

Market Channels

Zimbabwe retail, van, and depot sales
South Africa municipal markets and direct retail
Regional direct retail
Overseas distributors

Our vision

We aim to become a world-class supplier of fruit and flowers to overseas, regional, and Zimbabwe markets, and a go-to distribution and marketing platform for independent fruit and flower growers.

Our operations