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Partner with us

Partner with us

with us

We partner with various players in our space, including land-owners, banks and financial institutions, software and IP providers, and other management teams and we have done so successfully through our history.

We look for like-minded operators with differentiating strengths and assets that can be brought to a prospective long-lasting, open, and transparent partnership that creates value for all constituents.

our customers’ interests come first

Trade customers

We partner with our wholesale and trade customers with the end goal of providing a world-class product and service that continuously improves to deliver excellence to our end consumers.

built to last


Between our own operations and those of our partners, we constitute a significant demand base that is material and relevant to major suppliers of agricultural inputs. We seek to work closely with our suppliers on the journey of optimisation and improvement in the same way that we do with our own customers.

strength in diversity


We aim to provide a variety of market channels to our third-party grower partners and work to bring support with management systems, procurement, IP, and treasury management to create value for one another.