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Our values

Our values

Our values


Being confident, cheerful and enthusiastic in what we do, seeing problems as opportunities to achieve progress. Celebrating success and learning from mistakes.


Always being frank, open, and true to ourselves and to others. Honesty and truthfulness are the foundation on which we all work with one another.


We have the courage and self-confidence to stand for our interests, to say and do what is right at all times for our business and ourselves; regardless of cost.


Making up our minds on what needs to be done and then persisting until it is done. A decision is always better than no decision.


Pursuing our objectives to their conclusion with determination. Hard work and the refusal to give up are essential if we are to achieve anything worthwhile.


Diligently doing what we know we should be doing to achieve excellence.


Promoting healthy relationships by being humble, modest, unassuming and not arrogant, over-confident and intolerant of others.


Ask, “why?” to better understand the issue at hand. A full and proper understanding will always enable us to do things better.


Ensuring that accurate and relevant information together with an explanation is timeously relayed and understood by the right people to help everyone make better decisions.


Treating one another fairly and justly as well as recognising and acknowledging our respective differences.

Trusting others

A person’s sense of ownership works best where they are trusted with full responsibility. We have confidence in one another’s capabilities and we trust that each of us will succeed.


Realising the satisfaction of working together as a group and using one another’s relative strengths to achieve a common objective. A team effort will always produce more than the sum of our individual efforts.


To be thoroughly dependable by always doing what we say we will do.


Taking full ownership of our area of work and then being fully accountable for it. We will do things best when we take them on as if they were our own.


Tackling what really matters by thinking carefully ahead, discussing with others, planning and setting objectives.


Striving for the highest standards of quality and service. Our customers should not be disadvantaged by our inefficiency.


Careful spending, use, handling and management of production to prevent every aspect of waste.


Being resourceful in finding new ways to improve the way we do business and solve problems.


The world does not exist for us alone, we are here to serve. We care for one another and our community.


We drink from wells that we did not dig, and we count our blessings.